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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Psoriazis in USA si TURCIA tratat cu Deniplant


Dear Sir / Madam,
My mother-in-law has psoriasis for some years. 3-4 months ago a friend of
mine had suggested your products (his name is T. Z., he also uses
your products) He brought us 3 months supply and my mother -in - law
started using the product. Now she has finished the first products and
wants to keep using the product.
We are leaving in Istanbul and we want to get the product as soon as
I kindly ask for your support and direction, please let me know following:
1. for 3 months usage how many Deniplant packs should we purchase?
2. how much will they cost? (I could not understand the details from your
web page. There I see an opportunity of 33% worth free product but I could
not understand how I deserve it. And it seems that it is not possible for
me to apply on behalf of my mother in law (it says personal application)
She doesn't speak English so I prefer to do anything on behalf of her.
3. Can I use credit card for purchasing the goods?
4. In how many days the products will be delivered to Istanbul?
Thanks in advance for your help
Kind Regards
T. T.
Trade Marketing Manager
Kraft Foods Turkey
00 90 ............................... - ( ext. 191 )
00 90 .............................. mobile

Dear sir,
1. the treatement for three months means 3 packages of tea each one of them having 30 parts of plants
the cost for a package is 60$ that means that for three packages (tea for 3 months )you pay 180$ plus the mail taxes which are 45$
in total : 225$ usd
2.the opportunity of 33% free are not anymore available, not even for Romania, and the other facilities we offer there are for poor people from Romania.
So your mother-in-law can't apply for those facilities

3. I have nerver sent a package in turkey, usually the package arrives in maximum 30 days.

4. You can send the money by Western Union or Money Gram, not by credit card
the address where you have to send the money is;
ROMANIA cod 077191
5. After we receive the money, in the next day we send the package
if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me,.


Gheorghe Giurgiu

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